Liquidation Sale

This announcement has been posted on the BUCK-TICK official website HERE as well as sent out in an FT News email on March 31, 2011.

We would like to apologize for the suddenness of this announcement.
The mail order company INFOCOM, and therefore the [LOVE&MEDIA ON-LINE SHOP] will be closing permanently on Saturday April 30th, 2011. However they will be accepting your orders until the last day.
We are truly grateful for your continued patronage over the past years.

We are currently preparing to open a new online shop.
We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience but we will only be able to sell new items once the new store opens on May 1st.

However we are holding a Closing Sale!
(Part of the sale proceeds will go to the reconstruction of the areas hit by the Tohoku Earthquake.)

Sale Dates:
For FISH TANK members: Friday April 1st, 12pm ~ Saturday April 30, 11:59pm
General Sale: Wednesday April 5th, 12pm ~ Saturday April 30, 11:59pm

To express our deepest gratitude have lowered the prices as much as was possible.
Don't let this opportunity pass by!

We do not plan on selling current goods in the new store (with the exception of Fish Tank back numbers, charity postcards and DVDs).
This is your last opportunity to order some of the items we are selling.
Do not miss out on the bargain!

The sale is on a first come first serve basis while stocks last.


Shopping instructions for overseas FISH TANKers can be found here:

As soon as the new online store opens we will post shopping instructions in the Fish Tank Overseas section of Nopperabou.
Happy shopping!