Important Announcement

*TOUR 2011 "Utakata no RAZZLE DAZZLE"*
March 12 (Saturday) Zepp Osaka
March 21 (Holiday) Zepp Tokyo
March 26 (Saturday) Okinawa Namura Hall
April 2 (Saturday) Akasaka Blitz
April 3 (Sunday) Akasaka Blitz

*FISH TANKer's ONLY 2011*
March 13 (Sunday) Osaka Nanba Hatch
March 20 (Sunday) Zepp Tokyo

Due to the Great Tohoku Earthquake that occurred on Friday, March 11th, we the band members and staff have decided to postpone the remaining performances starting with Zepp Tokyo on March 12th and ending with Akasaka Blitz on April 3rd.

Until an official announcement is made please take care not to lose your tickets as they will be necessary in case of a replacement performance or to receive reimbursement should the performances be cancelled.

As soon as the particulars are decided we will make an announcement on the home page, through FISH TANK and through the mobile site [LOVE&MEDIA PORTABLE]. Please look to it in the coming days.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of the earthquake. May they rest in peace.
We pray for the quick recovery of the areas affected by the disaster.


~Messages from the members of BUCK-TICK~

My deepest regrets to all those who were kind enough to wish to see us in Osaka, Tokyo and Okinawa for the "Utakata no RAZZLE DAZZLE" tour. Regrettably, something truly tragic has happened.

I think we all have a great fear inside of us for someone affected by this disaster.

Now, if there is one thing that we can do, it is to band together and send whatever water, food, and daily essentials that we can to the victims.

Or if you have any savings stashed away that you could spare, it doesn't matter from where, even if you can only spare just a little to offer to the victims, I think it would bring them great happiness.

Sadly spring seems so distant for us in Eastern Japan but, it will come.

So everyone please, we must meet again. And then we shall sing together once more.
I am looking forward to that time.

I thank you all for taking the time to read this all the way till the end.

May all those who lost their lives in the disaster of the earthquake rest in peace.
And from my heart I offer my deepest sympathies to their families that remain.

BUCK-TICK Sakurai Atsushi

There are no words for what those affected by the disaster are going through but... please hold on to survive this.

I'm praying for you all.

We'll make it through this.

We are strong.

BUCK-TICK Imai Hisashi

After discussing it with everyone at length, the lives have been postponed.
Many lives have been lost due to this disaster and yet there are still more people out there sad and suffering from fear and worry unable to escape it.
It hurts my heart that this should be so.
Our schedule has yet to be fully decided upon but, please just wait a little longer so that together we can make the best lives.
Even though I am just one person, I shall pray for the many that need rescuing.

BUCK-TICK Hoshino Hidehiko

Now, after discussing the remaining tour dates with the other members and the staff, it has been decided to postpone all the remaining shows.
I am truly sorry to everyone who were hoping to enjoy our LIVEs.
Please wait for the decision to be announced regarding the replacement shows.
I'm looking forward to when we can meet again.
And I am wishing with all my heart for everyone's safety and recovery.

BUCK-TICK Higuchi Yutaka

When I think about what all those affected by this disaster must be feeling, I am at a loss for words. And I pray with all my heart that one day soon, all will be peaceful once more.

BUCK-TICK Yagami Toll