June 2012: Tour On Parade - Messages from the members

Will you please come celebrate BUCK-TICK's 25th anniversary with us?
I will be waiting for you all in the rain amidst the song of the cicadas.
Forever and ever and ever.

~Sakurai Atsushi

(Oh Baby) Let's meet under the sky.

~Imai Hisashi

Thank you for supporting us these past 25 years.
Let's spend a blissful time together at the fest.

~Hoshino Hidehiko

I'm really looking forward to the event for our 25th anniversary.
I want to celebrate it with a bang and with a bunch of people so everyone, please come celebrate with us ok!

~Higuchi Yutaka

It's our 25th anniversary. Thank you so much for sticking with us.
I'm getting more and more 'pumped' for it too.
So let's raise the roof!

~Yagami Toll