October 21, 2011: Announcing new label 'Lingua Sounda'

We have recently founded a new label called "Lingua Sounda", a joint project between our affiliated Banker office and Tokuma Japan Communications.

Here is a message from vocalist Sakurai Atsushi representing the band:

"I am grateful to all the many fans who have supported us thus far.
As long as there is music, there will be BUCK-TICK.
And so it will be until we die, but I hope that even when we die BUCK-TICK's music shall continue to live on.
My best regards. Thank you."

We are planning to launch the new label's first single in spring of 2012, followed by an album in the summer of 2012. We have created the original label 'Lingua Sounda' to be a space that will allow for creation of fresh music. Our aim is to become more active than ever before.

The expression 'Lingua Sounda' carries a meaning of [Worldwide Sound].