July 2, 2012: Regarding the charity tote bag designed by Imai

At this point in time, we have received many inquiries concerning the sale of the charity tote bag designed by Imai in a different shop.

Since it was Imai Hisashi's wish to get more people to know about his charity goods, he requested that an acquaintance of his sell them in their shop.

After discussing it with us, we believed that seeing as it wasn't an overly large shop that the owner would not have to deal with too many inquiries about it if people bought it.

In addition, there were also inquiries about an artist friend of Imai's who sold the goods during his own live. It was suggested from Imai's acquaintance that since some people won't be able to go to the shop, why not also offer to sell the charity goods at his friend's live venue...
However, we were informed that only the charity tote bag would be sold at the venue.
We were also informed about this misunderstanding from the artist as well.
Both the artist in question and Imai were however in agreement about their desire to promote charity goods and so we kindly request your understanding in this matter.

The shop sold a total of 17 goods.
However as of now, the sale of charity goods in the shop has closed.
The proceeds totalling 17,000 yen will be offered to the Japanese Red Cross on July 2nd.
Since we will be posting a complete copy of the breakdown of donations, please take a look at it after July 2nd.

Thank you for your continuous support of BUCK-TICK.