9. Blood, Sweat and Tears
Shoxx #7, December 1991
Excerpt of an interview with hide
Translation: w_b

I don't sweat much so tears are what I shed the most. I'm a cry baby. I'm not a girl so I don't bleed much *laugh*, and I don't sweat a lot. Even when I'm on stage, my makeup doesn't run because my face mostly stays dry. It's my body that becomes the problem instead. I wear fitted costumes because I'd rather not show skin but underneath I'm like the Kegon waterfall *laugh*. What? A face that doesn't sweat is a requirement for an idol? Well then, I must be a natural~ *laugh*

I cry for many different reasons. For example, if I see someone playing a dirty joke in a movie I'll start crying. I'll cry easily at movies like An Officer and a Gentleman. And at tear jerker movies. I don't cry much over TV shows though. I'm the type of guy who'll cry at movie scenes that were made especially for that purpose. I don't go to the movies very often but if I went to see a movie like that, I'm sure I'd cry. Though, I'd really prefer to break down in front of a rented tape *laugh*.

If I get nervous or excited when I'm talking my eyes will well up with tears, even if there's absolutely nothing to be sad about. That's why I cry so often. It's not that I'll be sad, or ecstatic, my tear ducts simply let loose the moment the situation becomes too tense. Like during lives. But there's no way I'd want people to see that so then I'll let out a bit yell, on purpose. My band's full of guys with weak tear ducts. Pata though, I don't get him. I think his tear ducts run through his liver because so often he'll say he brought gin, but it all just sounds like drunken belching to me *laugh*. Yoshiki, Taiji and me, we're cry babies. Even Toshi turns teary a lot on stage. The hell, are we a whole band of bry babies?! Pata is the only cool one...composed, manly, can hold his alcohol *laugh*. But that's alright, all trendy men cry a lot. I think *laugh*.

As for blood...I get injured pretty often. And now that I'm thinking about it, it's my hands that I hurt a lot. Especially my knuckles. But even back when I was still a bratty kid I'd break my bones pretty often. I've already broken my ankle roller skating. Plus I was sick a lot when I was a kid. I used to get hospitalised regularly with neurological gastritis. Cars would always make me sick, I'd have enough after five seconds and it wasn't the gasoline stench, I just couldn't take the smell of rubber. I somehow convinced myself that I couldn't stand it and it seems that that was the cause of my gastritis. Then a teacher told me that it would get better on its own as I grew up and it really did. Though even now I still sometimes have trouble with taxis. Seems to me that it's all mental though.