A   B   C   D   E   I   K   N   O   P   U   X



   Accidents...I almost ran over a bike once when I was driving. That was when I was 20. I've never been hurt in an accident. But as a kid I'd often break my arms and legs rollerskating.
   Other than car accidents, I'm the type of guy who'll create smoke where there's no fire *laugh*. Then the next day my fists will be bruised, my face full of cuts so if you call that an accident then I could talk forever.
   This wasn't an accident but it happened back when George was a roadie, this time when it was just me and Yoshiki driving our equipment truck. We had just made the new X stickers and were planning on giving them out at the Osaka live. We were all happy with the new stickers and didn't want to give them to anyone before we got to Osaka so we carefully loaded them into the back of the truck and set out in high spirits. And then, while we were going down the Tokyo-Nagoya expressway we heard this loud banging sound. We though what was that? and when we quickly checked in the back mirror we saw that the hatch in the back was wide open. We rapidly pulled over and then saw our things had fallen out here...and over there...! And something was getting blown about in the opposite lane. We checked what that was and it was our stickers *laugh*. The overnight bags our costumes were in were getting crushed by cars. Our bags had fallen out over such a long stretch, and while we were picking them up we tried scraping together the stickers that were fluttering around....*laugh* We were wondering whether we could use stickers that had tire marks so we divided them up. But well~, we were on the highway, we took a side road with everyone else but it was sad~. But in Osaka we sold all of the stickers, even the damaged ones *laugh*.



   Personally, I love babies. And I like kids. I don't want to get married, I just want kids. When I went to America one of the staff brought her baby, it wasn't even a year old but it was so incredibly cute, I spent all of my time playing with it. That's why I want kids so badly.... But I haven't give any thought to how I'd bring it up. I just want one as a pet *laugh*. And I guess you can't stop it from getting bigger *laugh*. I think I get so attached to kids because I like them. And I never get angry at them, even if they pull my hair or do similar stuff.
   My younger brother has a kid. It's almost exactly a year old now. I had him send me videos the whole time I was in America. I want to spoil that kid so I'm always sending him toys. I haven't met it yet but I want to implant this idea in its head, that unkie Hide is the one who buys me things. There's no other uncle or aunt who'd buy that kid toys. So for him, I want to become that person.
   Back when I was a kid......if you look at my photos, I was insanely cute. And that's cause back then I wasn't fat yet *laugh*.


   I thought about becoming a beautician after I failed the university entrance exams. *laugh* That is, I did both studies just in case and well, I would think rationally that if I'm going to form a band then either one is ok. My grandmother was a beautician and had a beauty shop in her house so that was my backup. I didn't feel like being jobless.
   Basically, I would only think about bands so both in university and beauty school I spent the time wondering whether I should form a band. That's why I didn't study, didn't pass entrance exams and then went to beauty school. But my parents always made it seem like I'd be a beautician. Ever since I was a kid they'd always be saying "our child has nimble fingers, he'll make a good beautician," so until I was pretty old I used to believe that I have really nimble fingers. But really, without getting into details, I was clumsy. *laugh* I hated doing elaborate hand work. Beauty school was in Tokyo so it appealed to me. It was rigorous but I thought of obtaining a state license so I did the two hour commute to Roppongi.



   I'm a guy who cooks. There's no dish I'm particularily good at but I could make curry day and night. But I don't really like the instant ones. So when I went to America I had the time, right. I was the only one who was sick so I couldn't go whenever everyone would go out and I'd always spend that time cooking by myself. And when they'd come back I'd treat them and ask their opinion. I don't cook for myself but I do like cooking for others.
   It'll still be ok if I don't have some of the necessary spices but if I don't have any then forget it. Doesn't matter what they are, if I don't have them then forget it. I'm not some spice maniac but if I don't have any when I'm cooking then that's bad. I'll chuck in anything anything else that I have *laugh*.
   I don't know any recipies other than curry but I do cook Chinese dishes. I hate peeling vegetables though. I make my underlings peel them *laugh*. Because I'm the chef *laugh*. I'll taste the soup, see if anything needs to be added, I'll be the producer. I'll make the others follow my example when it comes to cutting vegetables and stuff.
   Anyway, I'm basically picky about food. The sole gourmet in the band *laugh*.
   However, I eat fish but I refuse to touch it. That is, I'll handle dried or gutted fish but I just can't gut it myself. I make my underlings do that *laugh*. And of course I don't want to handle live fish. Back when the band used to live together we'd go fishing and I never touched the fish we caught nor the bait. Because I was the chef *laugh*. Namihira-san would prepare my recipies and Sazae-san and Fue-san would busy themselves when I didn't need them, that's the way it was *laugh*.



   I hate dancing. I used to go to clubs but I don't really like them. It's not that I hate them so much but I'd never willingly plan on going on my day off. If it happens that everyone's going I'll go but I absolutely never dance. I basically don't like karaoke either. But I go a lot, right. If I go I'll sing and I'll have fun but generally speaking I hate it *laugh*.



   Basically, I think I'm not a pervert *laugh*. I do find nudity attractive but what exactly is erotic? I don't really get it. It's not that I'm that much of a stoic guy but, well, I don't completely lack principles.... *laugh*
   I do watch pornos and the like but I don't take the initiative to go out and rent them. If they're playing at a friend's house I'll watch but I won't really watch that much even after touring. And that's cause I'll be distressed if I watch them alone and then what am I to do after? *laugh*
   But then, recently we've been having a lot of our X meetings in hotels and while we're having a serious discussion there will be some porno playing on TV. Is this becoming our custom? I just don't get why. We're having this vitally important talk over here. So why are they screwing wildly on the screen, with the TV set on mute? Say Yoshiki will be talking about something vital, he'll be saying some ultra important things but his gaze will be on the screen. And while I'll be opposed to that and will answer him just as seriously, my gaze will be on the screen as well. It's we~ird *laugh*.



   I like interviews like this one. I wonder if it's cause I talk a lot? But I just do. And also because people will listen to what I say. You'll hear about me either from me or those around me so of course I'll talk.
   I drink quite a lot during interviews, don't I. And when I drink, the first rule is that I forget what I said. So when I read them after I often burst out laughing. *laugh*



   I have never seriously thought about wanting to kill someone but I often blurt it out *laugh*. Stuff like "I'll kill you!" But that's a night thing *laugh*. I'll also say things like, "I should just die~." I don't intend to but I always say it. But I don't intend on saying it. And I don't mean it. Anyway, I myself don't remember saying it *laugh*.



   I like noise music. And Yoshiki really does like it too. Noise is all about unpleasant sounds, right? So isn't the coolest noise music composed of the most unpleasant sounds?
   Of course, it gives me goosebumps but I wonder, others would surely like it if they listened a lot, no? That's the foundation of noise music right there. If your average person listens they'll just hear static at first but isn't it interesting that after a while they'll start to like it. That's just a human reaction *laugh*. And so isn't it cool that you could make a sampler of your most hated sounds and if you listened to it a lot, eventually you could be wearing headphones and listening and you'd fall asleep? I won't do that though *laugh*.



   Going into town, going shopping, that's the lifestyle of an ordinary person, right. And I do those things. Just to be safe, I don't go out looking like this but I lead an ordinary life. I love shopping and department stores. And I love department stores because they're filled with shops. So even now I keep going there. But I go in disguise because I get weird looks whenever I go looking like this. My disguises usually follow two patterns. It happens that I stand out too much but generally, I stand out in a different way *laugh*. Pretty close friends walk by and usually don't even recognize me. It's perfect.



   Being in the band is my number one pleasure. Other than that I like cleaning, drinking, stuff like that. I have a bit of free time now so I was just wondering what to do for fun. There's so much that I want to do. Draw, write letters. Now I'll have time for those things so it'd be good if I got them done....


   I'm weak. It's pretty apparent when i'm recording. Pretty much from the start I'll make an effort to keep the pressure from affecting me but when it comes down to crucial moments, I'm really weak. For example, when I'm preparing to record and I'm working hard for the end product, or when there's sudden pressure at a live, that's when my reaction is a pretty nervous one. I become incredibly irritated, so much that even the people around me can tell. It happens a lot that I become the very picture of nervousness. There are times when that doesn't happen but usually I'll become irritated over the tiniest thing. I'm really horrible when I'm like that.......



   That turning world that I hold dear is an ideal *laugh*. But I do think that war is pointless~. If people are going to do such pointless things, then they should be done on a small game board or something similar. A~fter all, they do act like it's a game, no? "This place is ama~zing, so I'll take it," it's that kind of world. It's a sort of vicious cycle. So why not decide with arm wrestling or say something like, "since this place is unique, let's decide with a game of ringtoss!" Or decide with a fair game of stone, paper, scissors or something alike, instead of wasting time, money and effort. I wish all of this world's important people could have this kind of a playful heart.
   Other than that, it'd be so~ good if Japanese became the universal language. Because it'd be convenient in more than one way if it were *laugh*.



   It's what's now, for the time being it's my life. I loved rock as a kid and longed to be in a band but little did I know that this is how things would look by the time I was 27. I supposed I would have done music even if I hadn't joined X. And I think, if I hadn't joined X my life would now be a 180 degrees from where it is.


   I'm not religious. But I do think that Christianity has a cool look. But while I find things like rosaries and crucifixes look good when modeled, I don't particularily understand the religion itself. Whether it's "the sience of happiness" or some other religious, I'm always left to wonder why is so much left up to me?
   I went to a Christian kidergarten and they made me say Our Father before every single meal but that was a world I didn't understand very well. I'll try to think about it when I'm a bit older. For now, I feel I don't need to.

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