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When it came to sacrifice, it determined "Time"'s leading actor
The product's value is in its simplicity

The flow of time
Quietly binds you with a silk thread

Hypocrisy beckons you with a chuckle
You are expected to play the fool

Don't you care they're making you dance?
You really don't want to understand?

When all close their eyes
You can't even see your own shadow
When you look at your heart's desires
It's already too late, you have been chosen, Miscast

* Too late Too late
Lick it up your wound

Lick your wounds

Too late Too late
Lick it up yourself

It's too late now

Show must go on
Dancing on the mirror

Without a lead role

Game is over Game is over
You're posing as the hero
MISCAST You are fired

Constantly made fun of, your dreams shut their eyes
In reality's grave

Is it the destiny of a fool to start speaking,
Unaware that it's a pantomime?

Indistinguishable, unable to break the illusion
Rest is in your brainwashing melody

Falling as you laugh at the demise
Of a comedian who forgot his lines, you're a MISCAST


Game is over Game is over
Die without serving your purpose


Game is over Game is over
Laugh as you die unknown (Die in Vain)
MISCAST You're failed actor