This translation was done directly from the spoken French lyrics. There is a Japanese translation of these lyrics in the album booklet, however, I wanted to keep the English as close to the song as possible.

Love Replica
lyrics: hide
translation: w_b

I love you...... In the mirror
Your reflection speaks
As if you knew that all praise you

No... Never will we be able to touch
This plastic skin
It is your whole pride

I love you...... Since the day when you learned
That all of my life belonged to you
You who admires me and who touches me

You, you are many......
Like the drawing of butterfly wings...... Faraway, which, who......*
You, you are condensed... All that is mine...
This unique and only beauty
Will never fade
You have taught me jealousy

This tiny world
You have forgiven but me alone for its possession
I do not desire any intrusions

I, minute in the kaleidoscope......
You, you are many......
Within hands joined together (I love you)

You know...... I love you......

Notes: the French in this case is not translatable. The spoken line is 'lequel, laquelle' which are the masculine and feminine forms of both 'who' and 'which', depending on the context. I chose to use both words, to help the line flow as close to the original French as possible.