Text: hide
Translation: w_b

Following my personal judgement and partiality, I wanted to gather together some of the things that had appeared before me, that dropped out of the sky or came rolling down the street, some cool things, some crazy ones and some that I don't get: that's what this label is about.

I did title the label with a single blanket term but far from being limited to music, it's also about clothes, culture, video, people, art?, etc. I'm in the process of collecting things and people that I find fascinatingly weird, that I've fallen for, that can amaze me...and now that the label's been announced, should I ask the world's opinion? Well, I'm just about to.

Collected here (they'll be gathered here from this day forth) are my LEMONs.

Perhaps...there may be some who upon seeing a diamond, who upon seeing one of the above mentioned things or people, will find it worthless but...I'm assuming there must be many others in this world who do love such things, both such ephemeral, (non)universal things and people, things which have "messed with me". Each and every one that I've found I consider a once in a lifetime wonder (then again, maybe I'm way off the mark with some), each and every one I deeply believe in and would like to showcase.

Someone once told me...there's nothing certain in this world. (...absolutely true)
                        "                   you'll never get your big break. (...you never know)

Then, I think once I've gathered every tiny, tiny wonder it'll make me feel like something "way cool" is on its way.


Notes: this text came with my 2007 re-issue of the Misery single, printed in hide's writing on a separate card. I've added a few breaks in the text for ease of reading; the original was written without a single line break.