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Long time ago No! No! Little time ago
In rubble tinted by the pale moon
Sweet junkie girl and stealing rude boy
5 coins, 3 dreams

Let's leave town on the subway coach
In leather tuxedos and denim skirts
Let's go buy the stars tonight
In a glossy eden with flashing neons

We are the Joker to be swindling walkin' boys
Dance on the deceitful BLUE BROAD WAY
Joker We're final lucky men
Take a goddess in your bed, Take my luck!

In a glance you're a Dandy, just like the Rich
A sucker flying into the flame of Big money
The Ace of spade, 13th of the king
No way you can win with that kind of hand

You'll get platinum caviar, a gold Motor Bike
If you only get that card
Your Adam's apple on this mound of chips
Get smashed on this night of Sodom

We are the Joker We are the king of swindling boys
There's confusion on the pleasure train
Joker Take on, Take all of money
Tear off that angel's wings

Joker Feel like takin' the world
Joker Sing song with fallin' angel
Joker Makin' love with money Tonight

This can't be, I can't lose, My God!
And if this is a dream then show me more, I'll Keep on Dreaming
If you came to your senses you'd see you're a penniless ex-Don Quichotte
Rude boy & Junkie girl

Tell me, tell me, tell me why
Tell me why oh please!

Joker, after all you're a stray dog
You'll never become Casanova or Nero
Joker, from his card
The Joker was laughing at you

Feel like takin' the world
Sing song with fallin' angel
Makin' love with money Tonight

Who the hell can believe you
I don't take it anymore
what can I do?

Joker's Joker, loser's loser......