ever free
Lyrics: hide
Translation: w_b

Having fallen out of love with love
I tried asking someone else
And our sighs mixing, they said
"How much will it be for love?"

Having forgotten all about the season of my dreams
I tried asking that girl
And right away, smiling, you said
"Can a dream feed you?"

When you watch the days grow dark (1)
Those bygone SUNNY DAYS

That first melody grows distant
Where ever did you lose it?

You were called a fool to dream
But that dream's sequel still trembles within your breast
ever free but about to crash, this is your story
If I describe it for you, will you recognize your Dream?

ever free, where will you be free? ever free

Like a split sun
And like scattered days

Memories of the beginning grow faint
Where is it you want to go?

You were called a fool
Your freedom's wings remain folded in their sleep
If you pierce through this night, ever free
Upon awaking, will you fly freely?

ever free, where will you be free? ever free

FU FU ever free......in your sight (2)

1. This line could also be translated as, "when you watch the days draw to a close". The word hide used can be translated in two ways, either as "grow dark" or "to come to an end".
2. In this case...I believe the "fu fu" is a sarcastic chuckle.