August 12, 2013: 2013 Fish Tank Only DVD Deadline Extension


We are extending the order period for the limited edition of the [FISH TANKer's ONLY 2013] live DVD&Blu-ray!

* New orders will be accepted starting Monday, August 12th, 8pm (Japan time).

We have received a substantial amount of requests that the deadline be extended after the BUCK-TICK WEBSHOP became temporarily unavailable just before the August 9th deadline due to high traffic volume.

We are therefore extending the ordering period for the limited edition DVD and Blu-ray, from Monday, August 12th at 8pm, to Friday, August 16th, 5pm (Japan time).

Furthermore, we ask that you order quickly as near the August 16th deadline the store might become difficult to access due to a high volume of traffic.

Should you have trouble logging in or making your purchase, please contact the BUCK-TICK WEBSHOP as soon as possible.

* New orders will not be accepted after August 16th.

To see the product details or to place your order, access the BUCK-TICK WEBSHOP!
* Please log in to order.

To log in:
Enter your Fish Tank membership number (5 digits) and your password.
Your initial password will be the 4 digits of the month and the day of your birth date. For example, if you were born January 1st, your password will be 0101.

You will be locked out of your account if you input the wrong password or user number too many times. In order for your account to be unlocked, please contact the BUCK-TICK WEBSHOP.

We are awaiting your orders!

(Login help and contact information is also available HERE, in the Fish Tank Overseas section.)