July 11, 2013: Concerning the 2013 Fish Tank Only DVD

This is just a note for any new Fish Tank members out there who might be having trouble logging into the BT web shop.

When you first join FT, you aren't granted access to all services right away. Usually you are asked to wait 1~2 months until you receive your membership card. Once you receive your card, you are then granted access to all FT services, including a web shop account.

In the case of the current Fish Tank only DVD, you can order it if:

1. You have a working credit card (Visa and MasterCard only for overseas fans)
2. You have completed all fan club admission procedures by June 30, 2013: in this case, you will be granted access to a web shop account upon receipt of your membership card.
3. You have paid your fan club admission fee by July 31, 2013 through Fish Tank Web: in this case, you can log into your new web shop account starting midnight Saturday, August 3 (Japan time).

The Blu-ray and special edition DVD are on pre-order until August 9th, 11:50pm (Japan time). The regular edition DVD will be available for order even after that date.