March 21, 2012: FISH TANK WEB - An Exclusive FISH TANKer Site

The site's scheduled launch on March 30, 2012 has now been postponed. Click HERE for a message from Fish Tank.

FISH TANK WEB will be an exclusive site for all Fish Tankers current and future, including those who live overseas.

Fans living overseas will be able to use the website to join Fish Tank. Existing overseas members will be able to renew their membership and change their personal information through the site, including an option to set up automatic renewals of the yearly membership fee.

All payments will have to be made by credit card: foreign issued VISA and MASTERCARD will be accepted.

The Pia links to concert ticket pre-sales and fan club only concerts will from now on be posted on the website, under the heading of [チケット予約] (ticket reservation).

To log in:

To log into the site you will need your 5-digit Fish Tank membership number [会員番号] and your 8-digit password [パスワード]. The first time you log in, your password will be the Year/Month/Day of your birthdate. For example, if you were born February 1st, 1980, your password will be 19800201. You will have the option of changing your password once you log into the website.