December 15, 2013: Buck-Tick Niconico Special

Special live broadcast of Buck-Tick's concert footage airing the day before The Day In Question 2013 Kooriyama performace!

Date: Sunday December 22 at 8:50pm, Japan time.
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Program content:

Starting December 14th, Buck-Tick will hold [The Day in Question] shows in the 3 prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, as well as in the Nippon Budoukan.
With their premium song selection that differs from regular tours, you never know which songs to expect at these exciting shows. They're a must-see for new and old fans alike.
In anticipation for the upcoming shows, we will be airing the very best of Buck-Tick's performances starting with [The Day in Question 2011], their first live broadcast from December 29th, 2011!

Live DiQ dates:
December 14, 2013, Miyagi
December 21, 2013, Iwate
December 23, 2013, Fukushima
December 29, 2013, Nippon Budoukan.