October 26, 2013: BUCK-TICK Movie DVD & Blu-ray IMPORTANT NOTICE

This warning appears on the web shop's BT movie DVD & Blu-ray page. I am posting only the points that concern those of you who live overseas.

1. You can't combine the DVD and Blu-ray with any other web shop goods in your shopping cart.

2. If you don't live in Japan, shipping will vary depending on destination. The shipping charge will be 5,750yen when you first place your order. However, once your order has been confirmed and is ready to ship, your precise shipping charge will be calculated and only that amount will ultimately be charged to your credit card.

3. You cannot cancel or make changes to your order.

4. If Fish Tank are unable to debit the payment from your credit card for any reason whatsoever, you will be barred from using any and all Fish Tank services in the future.