Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

I want to forgive everything with open arms and so I pray
Then you descend from the sky
The sad truth is, I know nothing
Not even the meaning of life

(I know nothing) Ah, it looks as though the stars swim in the sea
Ah, as the gentle night seems to call to me merrily...

I'll go just beyond those clouds to reach the glittering night
I wonder how far I can still fly beyond that until my body gives out
I'll keep flying until I die

Let us bid farewell here, no more sad thoughts...
A final fleeting kiss
And then the pleasant dream is at an end, eyelids close
To feel the eternal warmth
Of a skin called Death

(It is not a dream) Ah, I am so far from waking
Ah, where am I? Who am I? Did I break through?

My body already seems torn apart along with my voice and my love
As the blue star* disappears in the distance I gaze down upon it
And bid farewell to all things...

I can no longer return to that sea in which I was born
As the blue star dies out in the distance I gazed down upon it
And bid farewell to all

Notes: * Blue star here actually refers to our planet Earth. It's just a more beautiful and poetic way of saying it.

darker than darkness
Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

Red violently gushed forth
Seeming to go mad with screams until birth within the darkness

A beautiful face made ugly as it began to strain
Sings of cruelty for sale, sings* a song of love

Two, myself and I** scramble for the lake of translucent intermingling body fluids

Ah I'm three years old*** with blackish red eyes
Seeming entirely like an angel
Starved for love I lust insatiably for you

This castle built with glass
No one will come as it is

Ah in the sunlight I struggle through the desert
It seems here is the last Holy Land
Now here we join inside of you

Midway through a dream I fall into the darkness
A lost child who waits for the moment of awakening in time

Ah show me that smile just one time
It seems that was eternity
That beloved smile vanished into the hot sea

Notes: * the verb is omitted here as is often the case in Japanese.
** boku to boku: litereally I and I. But that sounded horrible in English, so changed to myself and I.
*** Here, because he used 'mama', it means to imply that he's still three years old, like...his state is unchanged from when he was three. But if I worded it that way it sounds strange and long winded. Technically I could have just written 'it's lik I'm still tree' but...I have an issue with keeping things as close to the literal as possible...