Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

Don't touch me with those merciful fingers
I beg of you
Here there is only eternal darkness everywhere
The darkness of death

I decay as I sleep, eyes glazed
For evermore
I want blood, I want your blood
And your fierce tenacity to life

You are the sacrifice

Blood pumping, I am in full blown delirium
Then I am brought back to my sinful life

This flame called life burns brightly, a crimson blaze
Burn in madness until within the maelstrom of rapture there is an EXPLOSION!

Notes: This single was a limited release of Sakurai's solo work.

雨音はショパンの調べ -I like Chopin- (MIX密愛)

The sound of the rain is like a melody of Chopin-I like Chopin- (Secret Love MIX)

Original lyrics: Gazebo-Pierluigi Giombini
Translation into Japanese: Matsutouya Yumi
English Translation: Lola

I block my ears but the sound passes through my fingers
A sweet melody that numbs my heart
Turn off that Chopin
Can I never meet him again?
I can't block out the sound of the Rainy days
Please stop beating against my window
My consolation on Rainy days is opium Ah-

You rested your cheek on my lap
And murmured 'I love you' to the melody of the rain
Stop the Chopin
I don't need it when it only brings memories
Until I die I will think of that special person on Rainy days
Coded piano on Rainy days Ah-

I can't block out the sound of the Rainy days
But if I look back at the shadows
In a twilight room on Rainy days Ah-
That special person lives in my heart on Rainy days
Surrounded by a duplicate of Chopin on Rainy days Ah-