Rock It! March 1991
Buck-Tick Questions & Profile Vol. 3
Translation: Lola

What events in the world concern you the most right now?
Toll: The stuff that's going on in the Middle East, I wish it would stop soon.
Uta: The war in the Middle East.
Hide: The current wars.
Imai: Nothing.
Sakurai: There are so many.

What influenced you most as a person growing up?
Toll: My family.
Uta: My father.
Hide: My parents.
Imai: I.W. Harper's Premium 12 year old bourbon.
Sakurai: My father, my mother.

Which country would you like to visit most and why?
Toll: None really for the time being.
Uta: Germany. Because even though it was defeated in World War II, like Japan it is a country of economic growth.
Hide: France is the country I'm the most interested in right now. But I think I'd also like to visit Switzerland because I've wanted to for a long time.
Imai: None.

Which Japanese artists are you influenced by?
Toll: Yazawa Eikichi, Carol and Himuro Kyosuke.
Uta: Bands from my hometown in Gunma and bands that worked the rock circuit in North Eastern Japan that we've performed with in the past.
Hide: Cools, Carol, The Stalin, Auto-Mod etc.
Imai: Hotei-san, Imawano Kiyoshiro, YMO, Stalin.
Sakurai: Dazai Osamu.

Which foreign artist are you influenced by?
Toll: G.F.R., Ian Paige, Keith Moon, The Beatles and John Bonham.
Uta: Sex Pistols, The Police, XTC etc.
Hide: Bauhaus, Ultravox, Siouxie & The Banshees, Sex Pistols, The Cure.
Imai: John Lyndon, Love & Rockets, Robert Smith, Klaus Nomi.
Sakurai: Bauhaus.

Which Japanese artist do you think you'd want to talk to?
Toll: Yazawa Eikichi of course.
Uta: I want to talk to all Japanese artists.
Hide: No one in particular.
Imai: No one really.
Sakurai:Sawada Kenji.

Which foreign artist do you think you'd want to talk to?
Toll: Ian Paige, Don Brewer.
Hide: No one in particular.
Imai: No one really.
Sakurai: No one in particular.

Which Japanese artist would you like to perform with?
Toll: Yazawa Eikichi, The Rockers.
Uta: All Japanese artists.
Hide: No one in particular.
Imai: No one really or rather too many.
Sakurai: Morrie.

Which foreign artist would you like to perform with?
Toll: Deep Purple, Paul McCartney.
Uta: Love & Rockets.
Hide: Love & Rockets.
Imai: (he didn't answer this one)
Sakurai: None.

If you did a cover song, what would it be?
Toll: Carol's 'Funky Monkey Baby'.
Uta: Bauhaus' 'Bauhaus'.
Hide: I don't really want to do cover songs.
Imai: I.W. Harper's Premium 12 year old bourbon.
Sakurai: Koshiji Fubuki's songs.

How old were you when you took note of rock music?
Toll: About eight or nine.
Uta: Seventeen.
Hide: About fifteen.
Imai: I.W. Harper's Premium 12 year old bourbon.
Sakurai: I haven't yet.

Which live left the greatest impression on you?
Toll: Yazawa Eikichi's concert in Numata, 1977.
Uta: The lives since Acchan became the vocalist.
Hide: Shinjuku Jam, Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo Dome and the Japanese Youth Centre.
Imai: The Rolling Stones and David Bowie.
Sakurai: The one at Gunma's music centre two years ago.

When should people listen to your album?
Toll: At night, with head phones on! Or during the day when you have the day off.
Uta: At night.
Hide: Early in the morning or in the middle of the night.
Imai: I don't know.
Sakurai: Anytime they want.

What have you lost since becoming pro?
Toll: Freedom.
Uta: Nothing.
Hide: Well, I no longer have to live on mayonnaise and rice?
Imai: Nothing really.
Sakurai: My shyness.

As a person, what is the goal of your life?
Toll: For people to say that our group is one of mad genius.
Uta: Death.
Hide: Hmm....
Imai: To be Imai Hisashi.
Sakurai: I have none.

As a band, what is the ideal you are aiming for?
Toll: For people to say that our group is one of mad genius.
Uta: I have no idea.
Hide: A world tour.
Imai: To be Buck-Tick.
Sakurai: To be generally cool.

Aside from your part, is there another role you'd like to take on in the band?
Toll: Vocalist.
Uta: I wouldn't want to do anything but play bass.
Hide: Not especially.
Imai: No.
Sakurai: There isn't.

If you were do to a solo album what sort of solo would you do?
Toll: It's good as things are now.
Uta: I wouldn't want to.
Hide: I'd like to do a solo album once before I die but the time for that is far far away.
Imai: I don't want to now.
Sakurai: I wouldn't do one.

What is something that you always do when on tour?
Toll: Drink.
Uta: Nothing in particular.
Hide: Drink.
Imai: Drink then I can't sleep on my side.
Sakurai: Huh?

When you practice at home, what do you do to keep the noise down?
Toll: I don't really practice loudly.
Uta: I don't plug my bass into the amp.
Hide: Nothing really.
Imai: Nothing.
Sakurai: Nothing.

What do you do to relieve stress or burn out?
Toll: Drumming.
Uta: I play video games.
Hide: Drink.
Imai: I do nothing.
Sakurai: Drink.

What's your usual excuse or explanation for being late?
Toll: Aaaaaaaaaaah~ I was stuck in traffic!
Uta: I was late because of traffic.
Hide: Sorry, I slept in.
Imai: Sleep.
Sakurai: I was sleeping.

Before going to bed, what do you do to ensure a good night's sleep?
Toll: Go to the toilet.
Uta: Take a bath.
Hide: Nothing in particular.
Imai: Drink.
Sakurai: I stay awake until I'm tired enough to sleep.

What's your favourite flavour of miso soup?
Toll: Tofu and green onions.
Uta: Tofu and seaweed.
Hide: Green onion and deep fried tofu. Daikon too.
Imai: Daikon.
Sakurai: I.W. Harper's Premium 12 year old bourbon.

What sort of snack or finger food do you like when you drink?
Toll: Some kind of nut or salad. Now I'm hungry~
Uta: Nuts.
Hide: I can't decide.
Imai: Milk.
Sakurai: Tomato juice with...ah, I don't remember (Ume-chan, will you tell me?).