The Recommenders
Imai Hisashi (Lucy) YMO [Technodelic]
Translation: Lola

Okazaki: Imai-san, Imai-san! Wake up! You're supposed to comment!

Imai: What? What do you want! Ah, right, I'm supposed to say one album that I like? Um, ah, damn. I haven't thought about it yet!

Kiyoshi: You like Avril Lavigne's newest album.

Imai: No I don't! What the hell are you talking about!! Ah, right, YMO, YMO! Um so, I bought the album when I was in senior high......uh, what exactly am I supposed to say about it?

Okazaki: Why would you recommend YMO?

Imai: Because I've always been a fan of YMO! But at that time, I never had any money to buy albums. If I bought just one LP, that would be my entire allowance for one month! Because I only got about that much. Despite that I went to buy it anyway...that above anything else! I had already decided that it was cool, hahahahahahaha. My impression of it? Well, it's not just that it influenced me but I never thought it was boring whereas I thought other things were. Even though I had a lot of records, this one wasn't like any of the others. There was really this strong impression of just woooow, what's this, you know.

Kiyoshi & Okazaki: ................

Imai: Hey! Don't fall alseep you guys!