Interview &Text : 林拓一朗
Translation: Lola

From when I was first made to listen to Lucy, I felt that there was in the making of it, now, a move from just being a loud band to a more direct approach.

Imai: Well, as the band's theme is Rockin there are still parts that will continue to be like that, like simply being able to enjoy the songs live. Without having to think about it, really, "anyone can enjoy it(1)", that's just what we're always going for. So that's part of the recording, as well as thinking of what's good for everyone when doing a tour.

Kiyoshi: How can you say that? 'without having to think'? You're making me nervous *smiles*. It's more like, what should we do to make it fun, to make everyone grin.

Uh, for an exploding band you don't rush thing. *smiles*

Kiyoshi: Maybe, it's because I don't really think we're what you'd usually call "Rock & Roll" you know, we're "Rockin" *smiles*. In a way our intention is to have something like our own genre.

Imai: That's the mood.

Kiyoshi: Yeah but it's not as if we were aggressive about doing it that way *smiles*. Since the three of us don't even do things like a rock & roll band *smiles*. That's what I feel is really fun about it. Like that's what makes it thrilling.

The impression you get after listening is really not a rustic one, but, surely this could also be said for most Rock & Roll no? Yet you really don't want to say that's what it is *smiles*.

Kiyoshi: Yes, something like that yeah uh...because it just makes things muddy *everyone smiles*. It taints it you know. It taints me! *laughs*

Okazaki: The strange thing is, you're only concerned about your virtue now. Guess you're using your head *laughs*.

Kiyoshi: As a matter of fact I am! *laughs*

Okazaki: You're disgusting(2)! *laughs* But, really, I think as that's the feeling we put into it that's probably what people will feel 'Ah, that's Lucy.'

Do the songs in the album have a polished feel to them?

Imai: No, because I did it by myself. On the other hand-

Kiyoshi: You didn't polish them you increased them! *laughs*

Imai: You broke the rules! *laughs* We decided that we'd do the same number of songs each, and figured that three each would be good. Right, three songs? ....yeah so then if there was a surplus of songs...then we'd put more but when I checked out the demo tape, all of a sudden there were five more songs on it. *everyone laughs* Damn, I didn't do five.

I see, that's not exactly a fair half is it. *laughs*

Kiyoshi: No, last year, we were supposed to do two each during the time allotted for composing but we had other things to do too, our schedule was pretty tight. I already thought things were impossible as they were and that it was just insanely hard. But that's when I first had the idea for 'Waste lucy'. Ah, when I started on it I thought it was interesting but suddenly I wanted the music to become a little more fun *smiles*. The embodiment of that is in 'Howling lucy'. It's there just in the riff at the intro. Then I wondered what if I combine that with 'Waste lucy'? And got all excited *laughs*. When I did it, I thought yeah this will make people smile but, shit, I ended up increasing the number of songs.....but I didn't have time to write songs until that day, and suddenly I'm already going over by one song *smiles*. So then I just put it on the demo tape in a hurry as I was about to leave for Kyushu the next day. Then when I returned and met Imai-kun for recording, I asked him 'So, what do you think?' because I wanted to know what his thoughts were but instead he complained 'No, before we get into that, what's with the number of songs!!' and I was like 'Oh, right. That!' *everyone laughs*.

Hahaha, I dont think it's the song that is the problem *laughs*.

Kiyoshi: Yeah *smiles*. Then, Tanaka-san the director was beside us and started snickering, 'Aah, once again Imai-kun drags things out.....'. Meanwhile me, 'What do you mean? Imai-kun hasn't written anything yet.....?' to which they both laughed at me.

Imai: I'm just keeping you on your toes. *smiles*

Kiyoshi: On one hand, we've completed five songs. But on the other hand we still have one more to do. So from this day onward-

Imai & Kiyoshi: It's recording time! *smile*

Kiyoshi: Because we're recording from today I feel like the engine hasn't really started yet you know. Like I'm stuck with a box of a plastic model I can't open(3) *smiles*.

Imai: You can only look at it. *smiles*

Kiyoshi: Usually, I also don't do anything but when I have to write songs I can. Once I'm decided on an idea, I don't even need to write it down. That's just how I am *smiles*. Imai-kun's the type to really do it at the last moment, just keeps dragging it on and on. Saying things like 'Really, I can't do it!' *laughs*.

Imai: Hyahahaha!

Kiyoshi: And then I wanted to tell him, 'Too bad, you had plenty of time!' but I didn't. Well I guess I just told him now *laughs*. He owes me. *everyone bursts out laughing*

Imai: There was a lot of time, which reminds me....*smiles* you say I owe you but you're the one who nearly killed me, saying that.

Kiyoshi: Yes but it just came out because I was cornered. That's the way with Imai-kun. But it's fun.

Yes *smiles*. But what's the story with the single, 'BULLETS-Shooting Super Star-'? What was the reason for choosing this song for the single?

Imai: I'm just reiterating the same thing but Lucy as a band is about expressing frankness, simply. Yet quickly. But the contents of the lyrics aren't entirely stupid, even if you can laugh at them.

That's just what rock is! Something that's not too stupid, that can make you laugh, and that feels good. But why did you decide to do the Roosters cover for the single, 'Kawaii ano ko'?

Kiyoshi: Because we wanted to!

Okazaki: But you know I don't think there's anything I could do with you guys that wouldn't end up being fun.

Kiyoshi: It's because we're cool. The Roosters and The Rockers too. That's just it, simply, we're cool.

Imai: Ok we get it.

So this is your form for 2006. You also have a tour coming up right?

Kiyoshi: We're all very excited about it.

Ok. I'll also be looking forward to it!

1-Literally 'even a monkey can do it'.
2- There's a whole play on words in this exchange in Japanese with the words 'dirty' and 'head' which makes Kacchan's comment about Kiyoshi's virtue and him being nasty make sense but I was lazy and get this crappy version. *laughs* Hence the little explanation here.
3- I think we can all get what he means here. You know...that excitement when you get a really cool toy or something when you're a kid but then you're stuck staring at the package because you can't open it. *laughs* Aww...Kiyoshi.