Neo Rock 88
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

Why do you write so many love songs?
Because I like them. Plus I have this feeling it'd be really hard for me to write about politics. Given that I don't pick up the newspaper *laughs*.

Are you the type of person who writes songs for the band? Or for yourself?
The band.

Is there anything you feel you can't convey with your songs?
Not really no...I want to make people react, so I keep that in mind when I write.

I find the songs you write are really Japanese-like Imai-kun. Certainly I can see you've been influenced by the Cure and Buzzcocks type of rock but when I listen, it seems that in parts, the essence of the song is really quite Japanese.
There are some really cool foreign musicians out there but I find when it comes to bands having nice melodies, there aren't really any. But when it comes to Japanese music, you have these really emotional songs...

Where do you think you get the sense for your songs Imai-kun?
Hmm, I don't know. Myself I guess.

What do the other members say about them?
They say things like 'it's hard'. They ask why I did the next part like that pretty often too. But I'm just doing what I usually do.

But other people don't see it as usual *laughs*. Even with your guitar, even though you're right handed, you play left-handed.
It's because I'm right handed, that's what makes pushing the chords easy *laughs*. When I first held a guitar right handed, it didn't feel right, it felt so awkward. So when I went to buy my first guitar, I was worried. I couldn't just buy anything, I wanted to become pro so I had to think about it seriously. Then I realized that whenever I would pretend to play guitar with a broom or a racket or something like that, I always played left hand because it was just comfortable that way so I decided that ok, I may be right handed but I'll buy a left handed guitar.

How do you evaluate yourself as a guitarist?
When it comes to general technique, I'm no good.

How does that influence you when you play then?
I don't want to be the kind of guitarist who only plays guitar.

So then what kind of guitarist do you want to be?
The kind that works the audience, that leaves people guessing... So that they imagine that I'm not doing anything bad, what I'm doing is good... Even if I do something that isn't cool, I'd want people to think that oh, that's just my way.

You want to continue being in a band?
Yes I want to.

With the same members?

What's your dream for the 90s?
For Buck-Tick to be the only genre of music...

Imai-kun, are you a romanticist?
...hey, am I a romanticist? *waves at Hoshino*
Hoshino: Nah, you're a pervert.