Imai's Diary, 'Hisashi-ki'
August 11, 2013
Translated by w_b

~~ -PART3- When adding egg to your natto, you will need at least 4 packages of natto. Cause otherwise,

it'll just feel like you're having egg with bits of natto instead.

(For me it's large natto beans, hands down.)

The computer in question came back to me today in great shape.

Oh right, seems I received a lot of worried emails but it's OK, everything's fine since my data's backed up.

My stock of 20,000 songs is intact as well.

To sum it up:

1. The anxiety

Oh man, I am fiddling with the arrangement when all of a sudden, the sequence blocks.

( It's blocked many times before, from being overloaded and such, but that's the first time it happened during recording...
What a crappy place to block. Don't tell me it actually froze...?)

2. The punishment

The rainbow cursor just keeps on spinning.

It's a standoff.

I realize it's not about to stop anytime soon.

This waiting game between me and the computer could last a lifetime, so I force a shutdown.

(Hey, you asked for it.)

3. The stress

I try to do the same thing again.


(*Heart racing*)

4. The dismay

Sure enough, it blocks.

It stops in the exact same spot.

Goes round and round, spinning endlessly.

And since I'm in no mood to play waiting games with the computer, I force a shutdown.

(*Big heavy sigh*)

5. The exasperation


(Dammit! This is sooo damn annoying! )

6. The despair

In a state of shock, I repeat steps 3-5 for nearly an hour.

(All the while praying to any deity that'll listen.)

7. The hope

I try different things but it looks like it's getting worse, so I call the help desk of Yokoyama-kun, the manipulator in charge at our recordings.

(Yoko-chan, I'm counting on you.)

8. Simply dejection, then tsking

Yoko: Hmm, you know I'm not sure.... It could be the hard drive...


9. The relief and gratitude

I contact the staff.

They come and set up an old Mac I used to use for lives.

As an emergency stop-gap.

Yoko-chan hurries over as well and completes backing up my settings.


10. The noise

I boot it up.


(...!!! ...Damn, this thing is loud.)

11. Concluding remarks

If you want to deal with computers, you'll need patience and an open mind.

(And Yoko-chan.)

And now, I'm drinking beer in the basement with Yoko-chan.

Send your open minded and 4 package mails here