Fish Tank 69
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Reported by Kaneko Mayumi and Oguma Hisako
Translation by Lola

What have you been up to recently?
Planning songs. For the new BUCK-TICK album.

In the previous issue, you had said that while you had some ideas you couldn't yet put them into words but, have those ideas solidified into something more definitive now?
No, not yet. I've got a lot though so.....but I guess when it comes to something definitive, there are some songs that will get the crowd going.

Will they be anything like the main themes for the movie, "LOVE PARADE", and "STEPPERS - PARADE-"?
No, I thought it'd be better to break away from those songs.

Previously, you had also said you were thinking of going to the Nezu-jinja Shrine for the Azalea Festival, and you did end up going right?
I went and drank beer.

What about menchi katsu *smiles*? (1)
Don't get me started on the menchi katsu! There are two famed places for it in Yanaka Ginza but, the first I went to was closed. So I figured it must have been closed for the festival but actually, they were already sold out!

Ha ha ha ha ha, that's too bad!
As there was a fried food stall selling boxed lunches, I lined up, bought myself something decent, then got myself some over the counter beer to drink.

Recently, have you been inspired by any books, movies, or manga?
......not that I can think of right now. But I do really love the manga, and the essay "Solitary Gourmet"(2). It's completely different from other dramas, but the manga portrays the fabric of human relationships more strongly. Like fighting with salesclerks, and expressing feelings of depression towards the shop. But dramas usually can't get that.

And does it make you want to make certain meals?
Well I thought I could do the last recipe right away. You make it with garlic, sour soy sauce base, and sesame looked so good. But upon seeing the reactions on my blog, it turns out people didn't know it was from "Solitary Gourmet", I swear, they really had no idea *smiles*. I guess that's what I get for watching dazedly in the middle of the night, when I'm drinking and already half-asleep.

I see. Then with the end of the rainy season, came a sudden intense heat wave, so how have you been handling that?
I'm fine, but the heat really has been insane hasn't it? Like by the time I get a beer and go up to the roof, it's already warm.

But it's not a good idea to be drinking under the blazing sun, you could get dehydrated. You should have water with you, and alternate between drinking water and beer.
Ugh there's nothing worse than drinking water with beer *smiles*.

Did you at least have a parasol at your house?
I bought one, yeah, but I've haven't opened it up once *laughs*. Well, I would open it but I just can't be bothered.

Ha ha ha. By the way, have you already watched "BUCK-TICK The movie ~The Buck-Tick Phenomenon~"?
I have.

Please share your thoughts about it.
Uh, well, at first I was kinda iffy about it. Because I mean, the thing is the film is just us not really doing anything you know. But once I watched the whole thing through, I thought it was interesting enough. But I think it's best to watch it while having a few beers *smiles*.

And you didn't cry or anything?
Uh no, why would I? *smiles*

Well see, I've gathered some reactions from club members, and well here, have a look.
*reading* They think I "nearly cried"? I didn't though! *laughs*

You were moved though, I'm sure of that. The premier was on June 1st, in the city of Fujioka and you guys made a surprise appearance on stage. How did that come about?
Because we ended up hearing from the mayor *smiles*. So then our manager says, "What should we do? I don't think this is something you can get out of."

*smiles* It was your first time, doing that kind of meet and greet wasn't it?
It was strange because it felt completely different from doing a live you know. I mean it was kinda nerve-wracking. I suck at that sort of thing. Like you're just standing there with a mic *laughs*. But I'm glad I went though. Because I got to thank the mayor for all his support too. He's definitely done some stuff for us......actually, that was Hide who said that *laughs*.

Ha ha ha! Actually, when the end credits rolled and the themes played, was it how you imagined it would be?
No, it was actually......far greater than I had imagined.

And the songs will be on a CD?
They will.

Um, are you allowed to be saying that? *smiles*
Yeah, why not? They'll be on a single. Now's a fine time to say it.

We've received some messages from club members regarding the Q&A of the previous issue saying, "Imai-san's Q&A has stopped making any sense to me, I couldn't decipher any of it other than his last answer 'Sweet red bean paste'. Because all he did was draw. I want him to explain himself in the next issue."
What's to explain! It's a drawing!

So, is there some kind of deep meaning......?

Some also wrote in asking, "Please answer in Japanese."
I did answer in Japanese!

I know *smiles*. But what's it a drawing of?
It's a face! I drew a face! With a bow tie.

Ok, but why was your only proper answer, "Sweet red bean paste"?
'Cause I wanted to answer that one *smiles*.

*smiles* Another fan asks, "Have you arranged to collaborate on JOJO, Imai-san?"(3)
I haven't. But I did buy a Stone Mask like his. I ordered it about six months ago and it just arrived not too long ago.

Did you put it on?
Of course I did! *smiles* But you know upon further investigation of it, I realized that if it fell, it might end up breaking. Still it looked really great so I wanted to hang it up on the wall but, I didn't have a hook or anything like that to hang it with. But then I thought wait......what if it still ends up falling and breaking even if I find a way to hang it? Ok. I'm putting it in a drawer. This way, whenever I want to see it, I just have to open my drawer and......there it is.

*smiles* Moving on to the end of the year lives, have you got any specific plans you can tell us about?
......nothing's been decided on yet *smiles*.

Have you had meetings with the other members to discuss it or......?
About the end of the year lives? Nope, haven't *smiles*. Because first we've got recording to do. And since we've got that stress of recording on us right now, I'm really not thinking that far ahead yet. And you know, it's hot out *smiles*.

While we're on the topic, are there songs you actually would like to play, Imai-san?
Well, obviously it's better if they can get the crowd into it. Songs that get people pumped.

Right *smiles*. Finally then, would you please say a word to all the club members?
Uh......right, well, please look forward to our new songs.

Notes: (1) Menchi katsu is a dish of fried minced meat.
(2) "Solitary Gourmet" has also been adapted into a television drama.
(3) The conversation is referring to "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure", an extremely popular manga series, which follows the misadventures of a family through generations. The Stone Mask is a supernatural artifact found in the series which, when worn can turn the wearer into a vampire, among other things.