Fish Tank 68
Interview with Yagami Toll
Reported by Kaneko Mayumi and Oguma Hisako
Translation: Lola

How did you find the year of your 25th anniversary on the whole?
It's been way more than a year *laughs*! We've been busy with stuff from the start of this year too! Because I had been rehearsing for Takahashi Makoto-san's live since the fourth of January! So for me, I'd barely even had three days of rest *laughs*. And here I had thought I would spend New Year's relaxing and enjoying zoni (1) but man was I fucking wrong. Even now, I've still got a ton of mochi in a zip lock bag in the freezer *smiles*.

*smiles* It's true, you've been quite busy for your 25th anniversary. You had the February 11th performance in Osaka, "Dedicate to......~gang 451~", which was in memory of the former event manager for Greens Osaka, Yokoi-san.
There was a mannequin there that was dressed to look like Yokoi-san that day, like it even had his glasses and clothes on and stuff. You know, I think Yokoi-san was there that day. I think he came *smiles*.

I'm sure he must have been happy. Did you get to speak with some of the other artists who had participated?
It was fun, for sure. And it was the first time I spoke with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and you know talking with the Kishidan guys is always interesting too. And you know we all had a good relationship with Yokoi-san. So naturally we shared stories. Chiwaki Mayumi-chan had come too and you know, Yokoi-san, Chiwaki-chan and I are all the same age *smiles*. So we were all good friends.

Then on March 7th at SHIBUYA-AX, you had the final performances of "TOUR 2013 COSMIC DREAMER". And on both days, for both shows, you wore sunglasses.
Because I had a sty and my eyes were all swollen *laughs*. When I went and told the doctor about it saying that it was probably work related since I have to wear makeup, the doctor said, "Oh you really shouldn't be wearing makeup at all. Doing so will only make it worse" *laughs*. So I had drawn on my eyebrows but I wasn't wearing any eye makeup *laughs*.

Oh! So that's why. But you know that look really suited you.
I actually got those sunglasses from Tetsu of D'erlanger sometime around my birthday. I liked them so much I even wore them for the Nikoniko broadcast as well *smiles*.

After that on March 11th there was the charity live to benefit the victims of the great Tohoku earthquake and for only the second time since your debut you returned to the Nippon Seinenkan.
It had been awhile and we did the same as we did for our debut live there 25 years ago, with the stage lift. Which made for a novel performance right?

What other things did you use from 25 years ago?
We used some footage which I guess had been kept around someplace. Because see there was a pause between when us and Acchan appeared on stage in his red outfit so he was alone for a bit under the stage. Meanwhile us other four rose out from a hollowed part of the stage beneath the drum set. Afterwards, back then for the finale we used streamers for effect. So that's why we decided to do it again this time for the end of the encores *smiles*.

I see.
And as you know our final song "SEXUAL XXXXX" was done as a surprise.

For Otaki-san because that day was his last as stage director.......
Yeah so we didn't even get to rehearse it. Otherwise we'd end up being found out. That song was done just for Otaki-san. And you know I thought if I happen to glance off stage and Otaki-san is crying, I'll probably end up bawling too *laughs*. So that's why I decided I had to try not to look. Usually it's always us who chooses the songs for the encores, but you know that day we left it all up to Otaki-san. Because we figured that way he'd really be surprised by the extra song right? If a piece he hadn't planned on at all would suddenly start *smiles*.

Right. Then with the tour over, you finally had some time off after......
Yeah, but in the end we still had the movie stuff to do. We had to record the two songs that would be the main themes. In the little free time I had I went to the gym with Yuuta. That's about it though. I'm an old man so you know *smiles*, gotta make sure my body doesn't fall apart on me.

You keep fit *smiles*. As for the movie "BUCK-TICK The movie ~ The Buck-Tick Phenomenon~", it is set to be screened on June 1st in Fujioka.
Great, right? But the thing is Yuuta and I are from Takasaki though *laughs*. I suppose it's 'cause it's the city's 60th anniversary so, seems like we got caught up in the pre-event stuff. I'm sure that's why.

Have you already got a glimpse of the film?
Seems it's not ready yet. I think it's because it's quite long actually. I hope it doesn't end up being like four hours long all together but it seems it might be. I mean they filmed us for the entire year from Budoukan 2011 all the way till Budoukan 2012. And they filmed us recording during that time too. I mean I have no idea if they'll use it or not but, I had done this awesome demonstration on the snare drum *smiles*.

And what of the main themes that you will be doing for the movie?
Well the thing is because it's a movie we figured we had to make both an opening and closing theme for it. I hadn't even thought about that at all at first. I mean, it was our first time making a movie like this *laughs*! We also weren't sure about what to do for the premiere, like do we put in an appearance or what.

Acchan had told us that when he was in a movie previously he had made an appearance at the premiere (2). So I figured ok, I guess someone has to go to Fujioka *smiles*. I was ok with going. Figured I'd visit my hometown while I was at it *smiles*.

What sort of songs are the main themes shaping up to be?
They're still works in progress you know. And since Acchan's vocals aren't done yet, I can't really put an image to it. 'Cause the thing is once Acchan sings, the image changes completely. Right now all I can say is that Imai's song feels energetic and Hide's is more of a ballad.

In this issue, it was announced that when you do your customary end of the year lives this year, you'll be having them in Miyagi, Morioka, Koriyama, and as is tradition at the Budoukan on December 29th.
Uh, but it's May. And we're already talking about the end of the year? *laughs* Damn that's early. When I think I'd just been eating mochi *laughs*.

Any ideas on the next album?
None whatsoever. I know someone had asked Imai, "Are the songs we're doing for the movie going to carry over into the image for the album?" but Imai said, "The album will be completely different". So yeah, I really don't know what image we'll go for with the next album.

Oh really? Ok, well then finally, would you please say a word to all the club members?
Thank you all for following us this past year for our 25th anniversary! Thanks to you I hear our fan club numbers have increased as well *smiles*. As we mature more and more with age, I think we just keep getting better and better as a rock band. This has been Yagami Toll, thanking you all for your support! *laughs*

Notes: (1) Zoni is a traditional soup with rice cakes (mochi) and boiled vegetables that is usually made for New Year's. Though it does vary in preparation slightly from region to region in Japan.
(2) Sakurai played a role in the movie "Longinus" directed by Ryuhei Kitamura back in 2004.