Fish Tank 68
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Reported by Kaneko Mayumi and Oguma Hisako
Translation by Lola

How did the year of your 25th anniversary go?
If I try to think back on it now, even though I know we did a lot, it feels like the year went by quickly you know. Yeah. It all went by in the blink of an eye.

You did do a lot.
Yeah, we did. I feel like the fest was the most emotional for us but we also had the tour afterward, which to me, felt incredibly great, it followed the flow of the fest. For me, the year was complete.

It was a long tour, were you able to stay in shape?
The thing with winter tours is, usually I end up getting a cold at least once along the way, but this time I didn't. I got through the entire tour in perfect shape.

Regarding your performance on February 11th, "Dedicate to......~ gang 451~", it was done in memory of Yokoi-san, the former event manager for Greens Osaka.
Yokoi-san was the kind of guy that really loved lives and music. So, that's why we talked about getting some bands together and doing that for him. We couldn't have done it alone. But anyway, it turned out great.

Were you able to speak with any of the other artists?
Once it was over. Because the after party went on till morning *smiles*. It was my first time meeting most of the members of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Same with ORESKABAND but I mingled quite a bit with them. It gave us the chance to meet and become acquainted and I think it'd be great if we did something together again.

It would. After that you had the final show of the "TOUR 2013 COSMIC DREAMER" on March 7th at Shibuya-Ax, but how did you feel about it?
As for being able to have a show on March 7th, well, I don't know how he felt about it but I thought it was good *smiles*.

Because it was Sakurai-san's birthday. He was bestowed quite the massive bouquet on stage from you.
It was huge, wasn't it? *smiles*

Quite *smiles*. Had you determined amongst yourselves whose responsibility it would be?
Yes, yes, we decided on it beforehand *smiles*. When the staff were talking in the green room, they were saying how it'd be nice if someone got him flowers so, I told them that yes, that was my job.

You looked really dashing too, coming onstage with that bouquet. Afterward, you continued with a charity live on March 11th to benefit the victims of the Tohoku earthquake.
That was originally Yamanaka-san's (Buck-Tick's event manager) idea from Sogo but, we also thought it happened to coincide perfectly with the timing of the tour.

You changed the set list though, from the one used during the standing tour.
Yeah. We talked about what sort of flow we wanted the live to have and with that in mind, of course, we realized we would have to change the set list a little to go with that.

I see. All of the ticket proceeds are to be donated to charity.
We've heard that there are people still struggling because the reconstruction hasn't been completed yet. And when you hear something like that, I think you just want to do what you can to help.

That's true. It was two years to the day when you had the live but, have you been personally changed by the earthquake?
It's more that I never want a tragedy like that to happen again. That's all I can hope for you know.

Right. That day was also the last venue BUCK-TICK's long time stage director, Otaki-san came to oversee.
Yes. Otaki-san's always been with us during tours since the time of our debut. And he'd always come backstage when it came time to decide the encores and once we'd tell him what we would be doing, he'd go and tell the lighting and PA people what we needed but this time, he thought "Yumemiru Uchuu" would be our last song. But after we played it, we played "SEXUAL XXXXX" as a surprise because the thing is, 25 years ago we played "SEXUAL XXXXX" in that very same venue, the Nippon Seinenkan and we thought it'd be the best way to show him our appreciation. So, we didn't put it on the set list for the encores, and we didn't rehearse it either so after we were done "Yumemiru Uchuu", we actually pretended to be going backstage but then we started up "SEXUAL XXXXX" and Otaki-san was weeping off stage *smiles*.

That's a really nice story. But once that live was over, how did you end up spending your time off?
I was able to relax a bit. I went down South for a bit.

And currently you're in the middle of recording the song that will be used as the theme for the movie "BUCK-TICK The movie ~The Buck-Tick Phenomenon~".
I haven't even seen the movie itself yet but, since the movie is set up in two parts, part I and II, we said we'd do a theme for each part and as a result, I got to compose the theme for one part. And today we're just about to put in the guitar parts.

I was allowed to listen to the demo and, the melody was incredibly soft, it just envelops you gently.
Because see, I figured Imai-san would most likely compose something up beat so, I felt it was my job to write something middle tempo but it was pretty much my call *smiles*.

I can't wait to be able to hear it in the theatre! How is the recording progressing?
It's not taking as long as I thought, surprisingly *smiles*. But I always find that's the case. And the sound I went for turned out to be something that won't just be enjoyable to in the theatre. And I've been hearing that when it comes to the movie too, those who've seen it, it gave them something to think about.

It's a documentary, right?
It is sort of a documentary but, without it feeling like we're just being chased around all the time and it is being said that the relationship between the five of us has become even more profound *smiles*.

Hereafter, it will be screened in Fujioka.
And how that will go a mystery *smiles*.

And you will be doing the stage greetings?
I don't know about that *smiles*. I mean I haven't even seen the movie yet.

In this issue, as is customary the end of the year lives have been announced but this year, the shows are centered around the Tohoku region.
Yeah, we all talked about it and that was the result. We were saying, wouldn't it be great if we did a show in Tohoku this year? I know I'm looking forward to it.

After this though, is there anything that you personally would like to do Hoshino-san?
Hmm, not yet as of right now but, that's because I've already begun working bit by bit on stuff for BUCK-TICK this year. And once we're done with the themes for the movie, I'm thinking we'll be jumping into new work ideas right away.

I'm looking forward to that. And finally, would you please say a word to all the fan club members?
Since after this we'll be once again working on a new album, which I'm sure will be great, I hope you all will be looking forward to it. So let's meet again at the end of year.