Fish Tank 67
Interview with All Members of Buck-Tick
Text by Rumi Ikeda
Translation by Lola

Good job on the Nagoya Fan club Only Live. How did you guys find the live today?
Imai: We had some interruptions yesterday but today we didn't so for that I'm glad. I hope people were able to enjoy it.
Hoshino: I'm happy it ended without any mishaps.
Sakurai: Was fun.
Yagami: I was able to concentrate on what I was doing. And yeah, yesterday we had to stop about twice I think but that didn't happen today.
Higuchi: It was fun.

You began the standing tour in Okinawa so how was your opening performance there?
Sakurai: Wherever we open, it's always exciting but in Okinawa it was so nice and warm. I'm glad we had such fine weather.
Imai: I've heard that it's good Feng Shui if you start something, to begin in the South and end in the North. So I guess it's a good thing we started in Okinawa right? Although incidentally when I was with Lucy, we started our tour in Sapporo and ended in Okinawa *laughs*.

So the opposite of what you should do *smiles*. What do you think Yagami-san?
Yagami: Because I've been in such great shape this past year, it went smoothly for me.

After Okinawa, you went to a lot of places for the first time, like Tottori.
Higuchi: I was a little worried you know, wondering if we'd get a crazy amount of snow in Tottori. Since it's in the mountains.

The set list changed a little bit for Nagoya but I was wondering, how was it decided that you'd change the flow of songs?
Higuchi: It was Sakurai-sempai who decided.

You did "Lullaby III" instead of "Coyote" right?
Sakurai: Last year we were always doing "Coyote" as part of the encore but I thought it might have been a little too calm for a live house so, that's why we did something a little more up tempo. I thought it'd be better to do a song that fits a smaller venue. Because the thing is, "Coyote" is much better suited to a more open space.

Did you have some kind of meeting with the other members when you proposed that?
Sakurai: No. I didn't even go to rehearsal to tell them......just sent them texts saying, "Do it this way please" and they did *smiles*.

So you all got a text from Sakurai-san then.
Higuchi: Yup. Saying, "Last minute change!" *laughs*.
Imai: I got a fax too. With, "Touch ups!" written on it *laughs*.
Sakurai: *not listening* Could you pass the bottle of Imo shochu?

After that, there was a screw up at the end of the show in Osaka that was on Imai-san's blog.
Yagami: At the very end, yeah. I ended up making this big bang. But I hear that fans are saying it's Imai's fault *laughs*.
Imai: Hyahyahyahyahya!
Higuchi: This sort of thing's been happening a lot even before that though, even though Anii's the one who screws up, it's like everyone always blames it on Imai-kun. So that's why Imai-kun wrote that it wasn't him who messed up on his blog.
Imai: Right, and at that moment I thought man, I'm glad I have a blog *smiles*.
Higuchi: Because this sort of thing's probably happened about 25 times since our debut you know. And every time people end up saying, oh there goes Imai screwing up again *laughs*.

Have you seen the ton of reactions from fans regarding that? I mean you were the one who wrote, "Send your complaints here" *smiles*.
Imai: Oh? I've got some already?

You have.
Imai: And someone complained?

Well, there weren't that many who complained *smiles*.
Imai: Not that many......huh? *smiles* But there have been some?

Imai: Ah well, it's fine, I don't care *smiles*.

Sure you don't *smiles*. Anyway, I'd like to ask you guys about the tour goods this time around though, so for starters, let's talk about Yuuta-san's serious bag. So how did you end up coming up with that?
Imai: Wasn't it as a joke?
Higuchi: N-no! It wasn't as a joke! *laughs*
Imai: Yeah it was, cough it up *laughs*.
Higuchi: During the last tour, we didn't make that many but it ended up being super popular. So then, because people told me it would have been better to make more, I thought ok, we'll try putting it on a bag this time and that's the story behind it.

I see. And Hide-san, you put out some goods with a symbol on it.
Hoshino: Yeah. It's the same mark that was painted on my guitar and I thought hey, that's pretty cool, I'll put it on some tour goods.

During actual lives, if we're going to compare, usually it's Imai-san and Yuuta-san who wear tour t-shirts during the encores but this time, you wore one too Hide-san.
Hoshino: Because it was something light to wear. And I didn't want to feel disgusting *smiles*.

You put out a lot of goods too, Imai-san. Like that colourful hooded sweatshirt.
Imai: Ah, yeah of the cosmos. And well, it's the cosmos because I sort of thought I wish I could be part of the cosmos.

A wish to become the cosmos *smiles*. You've never done anything before using that kind of fabric either.
Imai: Yeah. The design was so beautiful and when I said I'd like to see that on fabric, that's what came out.

You put out a knitted hat too, which was surprising.
Imai: It's the kind of hat I've worn and so I thought, hey, let's try putting a huge pompom on it.

Was that the hat you were wearing backstage today?
Imai: No, that wasn't the one that's part of the tour goods. My pompom's smaller. But I've been wearing knitted hats a lot recently so that's why I thought to make one. They prevent & conceal bed head *smiles*.

From January 26th began the Fan club only lives at Yokohama Blitz and as a first, we kept everyone's ticket stubs for a lottery and the winner got a present.
Higuchi: So it was decided using the ticket stubs of those attending each venue? Cool.

Each venue has a different capacity though.... At first the plan was to just toss the presents from the stage but we stopped because it was dangerous that way.
Higuchi: For sure *laughs*.

What did you think of drawing lots?
Imai: What? *smiles*
Sakurai: She asked what we thought about drawing the was fun! *laughs*

That's not what I meant *smiles*. I meant like, did you hear the cheers from the crowd from backstage when the winning lots were announced?
Imai: I didn't hear a thing.
Higuchi: I did hear them, in Yokohama.
Sakurai: How did the fans react? Did the winner spazz in amazement?

Yes. And everyone around the winner said, "Grats!".
Yagami: Anyone faint? *smiles*

No, no one fainted *smiles*, everyone around was just offering their congratulations to the winner.
Sakurai: In public!

No but really! Everyone around was saying, "Grats!" to the person who got the present. Afterwards it was readily decided that we should try having a sort of vending machine for these things, which, wasn't that something you had wanted to do all along?
Imai: Yeah, we wanted to try that.

We first had it at 500 yen, but then people said that was expensive so that's how it ended up being 200 yen.
Higuchi: Well it was our first time.

Did you all see what was inside them?
Hoshino: I haven't yet.
Higuchi: If it were up to me, the five of us would just come on stage and do it. Never mind the vending machines, I'd rather hand pick people.

That's why we do that too, because if we only had the vending machines it would be bad.
Sakurai: Doesn't that make the vending machines pointless? *smiles*
Imai: U-hya-hya-hya!

Uh, no *strained smile*. Alright then Sakurai-san, why don't you be so kind as to tell us why you put a feather in the capsule?
Sakurai: Part of my costume is made from Marabou feathers, so I just plucked some and put them in the capsules for the vending machines. Because it's not like I have much in terms of personal effects to offer.

It's true. Because three of you can put things like picks inside but Sakurai-san and Yagami-san don't really have stuff like that to put inside.
Sakurai: ............wish I could put a dream inside.
Yagami: What? I didn't catch that....
Sakurai: I'm too shy to repeat it....

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You also had group photos taken during the FC only lives but, from today you had props too. And a battlefield cameraman on scene styled by Yagi-san *smiles*.
Yagi: Well that's why I bought all that stuff!
Everyone: Ahahahahaha!

Do you all feel used to doing these sorts of group photos by now?
Imai: I'm used to it.
Higuchi: It's good though because the photos are souvenirs.

But because in some places Yagami-san's hair was hiding people, I think it might be better if from now on you moved a little closer to the camera *smiles*.
Yagami: Oh yeah *smiles*? Well no one told me so I didn't know.

And did you know that while in Yokohama Blitz, the set collapsed right behind you Yuuta-san?
Higuchi: Of course I knew! It made me jump!

You know, at the exact moment when you decided to take a step forward, that's when it all fell down right where you had been standing. So, if you hadn't taken that step, you might have been hit by it.
Higuchi: Oh my god, really?

So it's no wonder it really shocked you.
Higuchi: It's insanely heavy isn't it.
Yagami: Damn right it's heavy *laughs*! I mean the pipes for the scaffolding have metal plating! They're deadly!
Higuchi: Afterwards I looked at the floor and it had a hole in it. I mean I was already freaked out but then I couldn't help but worry about Hide. What if something fell from above him.......?

I know these things have happened during the hall tour too but please, do be careful.
Sakurai: But you know these things happen whether we're careful or not.
Hoshino: But I thought they had fixed it all properly by the next day?

A wire went through the open hole. That's why yesterday, the performance was suspended a couple of times.
Imai: Everything went down like dominoes, when it collapsed, some people couldn't get themselves together after.
Yagami: Because it all went down. And after something like that happens, you're scared to go on.

So you knew there were problems as you were performing?
Hoshino: I was aware of the situation so when I told my guitar tech, he hurried away from the stage.
Sakurai: But because it wasn't sorted out, we stopped the performance.

When these situations arise, how tense are you?
Yagami: Well for sure it's hard to get back on stage afterwards but you know, these sorts of things have been happening to us since our debut. That was the real Buck-Tick phenomenon (1).
Everyone: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's the Buck-Tick phenomenon!
Yagami: We had issues with the footage we use during lives too recently, right? We had to stop a couple of times because of it. So really, we've been having problems like this all year.
Higuchi: It's true, we have had a lot of problems. Back in the day you know, even in concert halls, fans could move around and sit wherever they wanted and then, when the live started, they would all rush to the stage to be close to us.

It's still like that, in live houses though.
Higuchi: That's why accidents still happen.
Yagami: People have written on those surveys how great Acchan is at putting a stop to things when these incidents happen but you know, it's because he's been dealing with this stuff since our debut.
Sakurai: It's not just me though, it's you guys too. Like if Imai-san thinks something's dangerous, he'll call for a stop too. People's safety comes first. But no matter how much you might feel like you don't want to go back on, you have to try again, if it's possible. As for today, the event manager really did an incredible job to make things go smoothly for us.

You also had a live for Mobile members only, which is something you haven't done in awhile. Imai-san, you wrote on your blog that it had been a really good performance. Did it turn out differently than you had imagined?
Imai: Yeah. It just felt really great.

Speaking of the mobile site, since January 15th of this year the site now supports all types of smart phones and thanks to that, we've heard from a lot of people saying how now they can finally view Yuuta-san's blog again after a long time of not being able to.
Higuchi: I was sorry about that. But as you can imagine, it was kinda hard to make it able to support everything. But we did our best and now at last, everyone can see it!

You've also been updating more. Anyway, when it came to the standing tour, you had a lot of weekend lives, so how did you find that kind of pacing?
Higuchi: I thought it was nice. Because otherwise it's hard when we're constantly running around and end up not being able to return to Tokyo for two weeks straight.

So were you able to spend your time back in Tokyo relaxing?
Yagami: I did absolutely nothing. Didn't even leave the house. I was resting!
Higuchi: But we did go to Kisarazu. For a shoot.

Right. You also had additional performances on March 6th and 7th at Shibuya AX during the standing tour.
Sakurai: Oh! That's my birthday *smiles*.

Don't act so surprised *smiles*.
Sakurai: But the fact that the event manager put it together so that I could celebrate my birthday together with the fans made me so happy! I mean at first I was embarrassed because I thought I was completely out of tune that day but I'm happy if everyone enjoyed it. Well really, I don't need anything other than that you know, I really don't.......

Now I know we talked about it in a previous issue a little bit but this past year, first you did the hall tour, and then the standing tour but although the tours are for the same album, they portray different outlooks, don't they?
Imai: I think it felt good to have that different mood for the standing tour. Like for the hall tour, we put footage and stuff right. The stage itself is even more part of the show. But for a standing tour, it's completely different but it's that very difference that gives it a more integrated feeling with the audience.
Hoshino: But of course using footage and things like that for the hall tour made it easier to understand the meaning, at least I think so.
Sakurai: Either way, the greatest percentage of songs are from the album but I do think that within that, we were able to change things up a little by using different songs throughout. For instance during the hall tour we did "Long Distance Call" and "Kyokutou yori ai wo komete". And you might wonder why put these songs in with ones from [Yumemiru Uchuu], and why do songs like "Zangai" during the standing tour and the reason is, because it's a challenge to make it work.

I see. During the standing tour, you had rain as part of the staging for "Zangai".
Sakurai: Our stage designer, Komaru-san, came to me with that idea. "Zangai" as a song is pretty up tempo and rain, by contrast, has a way of making things more sombre and sad so he thought it would be something we might use to make the energy different. I feel that's why "Zangai" worked out so well. Mind you, there are those times when I'm forced to perform in the rain which, I'm sure you can guess how I feel about.

Ok, but going back to talking about the hall tour, you guys appeared on Countdown Japan the day before the Nippon Budoukan show. And the year before last when you went on Countdown Japan the day before the Budoukan live, Yagami-san said that doing that the day before made the mood at Budoukan better.
Yagami: It did make it better! I mean at first I thought why are we even doing an event the day before? Because of course I wanted to concentrate my energies on our actual live show. But once we tried it, it turned out really well for the Budoukan show the next day. That's how it felt this time too. Even so, the thing is, the atmosphere for these event things is so crap. I mean we're all being monitored and bossed around and we don't even get to use our own equipment. But oddly enough, because of that, when it's time to do our live the next day, the atmosphere by contrast is so damn great that it all feels easy.

That and it was the finale for the hall tour.
Higuchi: It worked out great this year. We put out the album, then went on a whole country tour, and as we travelled along, bit by bit the feel of the songs changed. So that when it came time to do the show in Budoukan, we could work with that. So it felt like we were able to take it to a new level again you know.
Imai: Yeah, it was great wasn't it? I enjoyed it every time.

You started back to work early this year didn't you Imai-san?
Imai: That's right, yes. From about the 10th I was working on songs at home. And I did practice. But I was able to relax too.

Aside from that it was only Yagami-san who was doing things early on in the year.
Yagami: There was Master Takahashi Makoto-san's birthday live so, I rehearsed for that from about the 4th. The actual live was on the 6th. It was definitely a learning experience. There was the keyboardist from the legendary band Yoninbayashi, and Nagasawa Hiro-san who originally played bass for Makoto-san, Honda-kun (Honda Takeshi from PERSONZ, backup for Himuro Kyosuke, etc), and REBECCA's Tomomori-kun (Tomomori Shouichi). Being able to do this with these guys, was just incredible, I enjoyed it. MOTOKATSU (THE MAD CAPSULE MARKET'S), Hotei-san's backup Nagai-kun (Nagai Toshimitsu), and Kajiwara-kun (Kajiwara Tetsuya) originally from The Blue Hearts were also there. It had been a long time since I've met with a lot of them so the after party was a lot of fun too. Also because we're all from the same generation.

And were you allowed to play a duet with Takashi Makoto-san as well?
Yagami: Yeah. But you know I'm there with my tiny three piece drum set and then Makoto-san comes on and starts banging his double bass set which was just absurd. I mean c'mon! That's cheating! *laughs* Using twin drums.

So I'm guessing you didn't really get to relax over the new year right?
Yagami: Not really, didn't even get to go back home for the holidays. And I had really wanted to too *smiles*.

What about your new year's Hide-san?
Hoshino: Well, same as usual I'd say.
Sakurai: I caught a cold and spent it sick in bed. I was down until I had to start rehearsals for the tour.

So rather than celebrating, you spent the holiday getting your health back on track.
Sakurai: Yeah......I was resting.......

What about you, Yuuta-san?
Higuchi: Bleh, it felt like I just spaced out.
Sakurai: Ahahahaha! Aw, you sound like a sighing schoolboy! *smiles*
Yagami: That is such complete and utter bull~! You're not even capable of spacing out. You're too restless *smiles*.
Higuchi: No it's true, I was totally spent, I swear. Yeah, yeah, you smirk all you want.
Yagami: Wow, whatever do you mean~?
Imai: Pff, yeah right as if you didn't know *laughs*.

Didn't you go for the pounding of the mochi on the morning of the 28th?
Higuchi: That I did *smiles*. But I swear, once the live at Budoukan was over I turned so brain dead. It was sort of like wow, it's over, now I'm not going to think anymore!

Previously you'd visit the shrine for new years with friends.
Higuchi: I did go, even though I spent the whole time zoned out *smiles*. I'm telling you, it's because I was so worn out.

I see. Then on February 11th, you performed for an event despite it falling in the middle of the tour. So I would like to ask how that came about.
Sakurai: In the past, we would always be taken care of by a Yokoi-san, the event organizer for Greens in Osaka but sadly, he died suddenly two years ago on February 11th. We were in the middle of touring then as well......I thought he would recover but, he passed away. So, the artists whom Yokoi-san had aided in his lifetime got together on the anniversary of his death and we talked about going all out for him. We all felt the same and so of course we absolutely had to be a part of it. So that day, there was a party with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Kishidan, ORESKABAND and BUCK-TICK.

I'm sure Yokoi-san would have enjoyed it too. Afterward, once the tour is finished, you have a live at the Japanese Youth Centre on March 11th. It's been about 25 years and four months since your last performance there so do you have any recollections from 25 years ago you'd like to share?
Imai: Hide was showing off and when he jumped he ended up going through the floor! *laughs*

What, are you saying he broke the stage?
Imai: Ha ha ha ha! Well I'd say he did!
Hoshino: Whatever, that stage was flimsy *smiles*.
Higuchi: But that was the first time our current stage director Komaru-san worked together with Otaki-san to try to make a stage for us. So it's sort of a sweet memory too.
Yagami: It's when Inoue-san first started with us too *smiles*.
Higuchi: Inoue-san was way before, he was with us since Omiya Freaks *smiles*.

Those three have been part of the staff since around then, it's true.
Yagami:Asami's been around since then too. But you know, he's everyone's junior *smiles*.

So you've had a very long relationship with those four haven't you. What about you Sakurai-san, what stands out in your mind from back then?
Sakurai: I do remember slowly rising on the platform lift that took me up to the stage. Hearing all this screaming above me and thinking alright! Here we go! *smiles*
Yagami: Acchan was on a separate platform though.
Imai: Hide and I were on a different one too and as it was rising, that's when Hide jumped and got his feet jammed in the hole *smiles*.
Sakurai: Ah, right. Because it rose slowly, he got stuck in the gap.

So it's not that you fell through the actual floor though, just broke the platform right?
Hoshino: I said I broke it! *laughs* It was a flimsy set!
Imai: Told you he broke it *smiles*.
Higuchi: So it's been 25 years since we've been there? I wonder if maybe when we go, we'll get all nostalgic.
Sakurai: What's the capacity again? 1000 people?

It's about 1300. So how did the March 11th live come about?
Sakurai: The idea came from Yamanaka-san, the event organizer.
Higuchi: The thing is, that was the day of the earthquake disaster right but, it's like there's less and less talk about it now. So you know, why not do a charity live that day as a way to try to raise awareness. You know, nothing too big, but not small either.

So from now you'll be thinking about the details for the 311 live?
Higuchi: Maybe I'll get another text from Sakurai-san *smiles*.

Only at the last minute though *smiles*.
Higuchi:Right, we've still got some time. So it could change a little.
Yagami: We could wear our old costumes from the last time and style our hair like we used to *smiles*. Yeah Yuuta, you should do it because your hair's a good length to put it up now. It'd just look weird if you cut it like these guys.......
Sakurai & Imai: What do you mean, weird! *laugh*
Higuchi: Because if I cut my hair like you guys I end up looking like a school teacher!

Ha ha ha ha. And I guess you have the movie on your mind right, "BUCK-TICK The movie ~The Buck-Tick Phenomenon~".
Yagami: Not everyone has seen it so I don't know.
Imai: No one's seen it.
Higuchi: We spent a whole year basically being filmed non-stop so yeah, by now I am curious to see how it all turned out. Curious to see how the director's vision panned out.

It's true, you had cameras following you around for the entirety of your 25th year.
Higuchi: Right. From Budoukan 2011 until the end of year Budoukan show in 2012. But you know I think it wasn't really a year when we did a variety of things though. So I'm kinda wondering how interesting it will be but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

There have been questions in the Fan club along the lines of, "So it's a BUCK-TICK movie? What kind of roles will everyone be playing in it?" *smiles*.
Yagami: Ha ha ha ha ha! Really?

We were also asked, "Who will be playing the role of the heroine then?" *smiles*.
Higuchi: I'm the heroine!
Yagami: And I play the role of the homeless guy in Shinjuku *smiles*. Or like a military commander.

You also decided to sell BUCK-TICK wine as well. So tell me about that.
Sakurai: Because we wanted to have it to drink *smiles*.
Higuchi: We all sampled it.

I saw you guys sampling the wine after a live, you seemed to come to the decision fairly easily.
Sakurai: I was the one sampling the white wines mostly and I chose one that wasn't sweet or fruity but that has a more sophisticated taste.

It's a two bottle set though, there's a red and a white so who was the one doing most of the tasting for the red wine?
Higuchi: All of us.
Imai: The one we picked went down smooth. Not too heavy. Not too sour.
Hoshino: We all preferred the same one. We all thought it was good, and decided on it immediately.

It's incredible, bringing all of your tastes together in this way to create these wines.
Higuchi: Granted the tasting itself was fun. More so because we all love alcohol.
Imai: And the label's cool too.
Hoshino: We decided on that today. We left its design up to Akita-san.
Sakurai: The number's included as well.

And there was a card included in it too.
Hoshino: Yeah, a photo card.
Imai: They're cool but don't display them unless you drink them.

So you'd rather people drink the wine then have the set on display.
Sakurai: Well no, I'd say it's more just that it was made to commemorate our anniversary so I'll just be happy if the fans enjoy it. It's a kind of keepsake you know. If you drink it, good, but if you prefer to let it age then that's ok too *smiles*.
Higuchi: That's the whole thing with wine. You can let it age and then it'd still be good if you drank it for our 30th anniversary.
Yagami: Actually that's the bad thing about it. Because now I wish we had thought to do this for our 20th anniversary *smiles*.
Higuchi: That's your weak spot for alcohol talking *smiles*.

This issue will be sent out during the latter half of March but when I asked about what everyone's plans will be from that point on...Yagami-san you wrote you'd go to Hawaii.
Sakurai: I'm sure it's just something he was thinking about at the time right? *smiles*
Yagami: Yeah just felt like saying it *smiles*.
Higuchi: You mean when this is over? I think I'll be spacing out *smiles*.
Yagami: Yeah, like your spacing out is so different from usual. Mr. Frets all the time *smiles*.
Higuchi: Well we can't all spend 24 hours a day in the bath, if I did that I might die.

Ok, ok guys, you're walking a dangerous line.
Yagami: What if we changed your name? You know, to like Higuchi the Anxious *smiles*. (2)
Imai: Anxious Higuchi! Hyahahahaha!
Higuchi: Cut it out *smiles*.
Sakurai: Higuchi, the Seriously Anxious.

Serious is his middle name.
Sakurai: Shall I introduce him like that in Sendai?
Higuchi: Quit it guys!

And what of your plans, Imai-san?
Imai: I'll be working bit by bit on new stuff. Well, first I'll rest. I have to rest so I can think straight so, I'll try to relax as much as I can.

And you, Hide-san?
Hide: I think I'd like to space out *smiles*.

So we've gotten some questions regarding the content of your answers for the Q&A section of the issue. Particularly for Imai-san and Sakurai-san. We received quite a few requests for you two to, "Please use words when you answer the Q&A".
Imai: What? You saying they don't like when I answer only in doodles? *smiles*

They would like it if everyone answered the questions using actual words *smiles*.
Imai: And here I am spending all this time thinking about what I should draw when I'm told to answer the Q&A *smiles*.
Sakurai: But it takes me an hour to draw those pictures. *snickers* Which, granted is unnecessary *smiles*. Figures that the two with the O blood type would get told to be more straightforward with our answers! *smiles*

Ok, then what are your plans for the second half of March Sakurai-san?
Sakurai: Rather than saying I'll do my best for the's more that while it is tough, it is fun as well and that is what I take delight in. As for afterward, I don't know. Once I've relaxed, I'll think about what to do.

Everyone's saying the same *smiles*. Finally, I would like each of you to say a few words to the fans.
Imai: Please look forward to all the things we'll have coming up next. It'll be awesome.
Hoshino: Well, our 26th year has already begun so let's enjoy it.
Sakurai: The "Yumemiru Uchuu" tour has ended but, once again a different facet of our band's style will be shown in a way that will once again appeal to a variety of individuals so, let us meet again some place soon in our 26th year.
Yagami: Doing things up till March, it just might be a first for us that we took about an entire year to celebrate our 25th anniversary. And it's been hard at times staying in shape, what with the cold and all. And me being an old grandpa *smiles*. But even with all that, and how challenging it is, the thing is that BUCK-TICK as a band is just wonderful, if I may so myself. And because I feel good in both mind and body, I can play consistently and evenly. I just hope I can keep going as strongly in 2013 as I have been this past year. And hopefully after doing such a long tour, I can channel this same energy into recording.
Higuchi: During our 25th year together, we put out a great album, and were also able to have great lives but what's more is that we were able to go to a bunch of different places too and that makes me happy. Because we are a live band after all. So please look forward to what we have in store for 2013!

Thank you all so much for doing this post-live interview!

Notes: (1) When B-T first started out, part of how they promoted themselves was to make a ton of flyers that said something to the effect of, "The BUCK-TICK phenomenon is coming!" to get people's attention. It worked.
(2) Literally, what Toll says is, "Higuchi Yuuji". Yuuji in Japanese means "emergency" or "trouble". Toll is playing on Yuuta's seemingly constant fretful and anxious nature to tease him which works great in the original Japanese but, it's difficult to capture the exact humour in English.