Fish Tank 64
Translated by w_b

This time around we had the Buck-Tick members take the BUCK-TICK Test! It is actually the exact same test we had prepared for the viewers of the special program aired on Niconico Douga. The 10 questions selected for the program had been chosen from a total of 25. And~ that~ is~ why~ we had the members take the full test! And since it is a test about themselves, we expect nothing but perfect scores......we hope! So let us see those results....
Please enjoy!!!
We hope you will take up the challenge as well before turning the page. You have 5 minutes.
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  • Results:

  • Hoshino Hidehiko
  • Yagami Toll
  • Sakurai Atsushi
  • Higuchi Yutaka
  • Imai Hisashi