Fortune -The Divination Palace-
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Vol.4 Yagami Toll

Welcome to the Divination Palace. This corner will feature the members having their fortunes read one by one by a professional fortune teller. Mister Yagami Toll joins us for the fourth instalment.
And what did his reading reveal? See for yourself!

Tarot Fortune Teller

Mister Yagami was told about the positive effects of his health on his future work.

You have always been a healthy person and will continue to be so. In the near future you will be busy and will have to be light on your feet, but your body will manage it as best it can. It seems that your training will pay off and you will be able to move at will.
I get the impression that you will take the shortest route in order to reach your goals. You do have goals, but should there be a deadline by which you need to have built up your strength in order to attain them, just keep at it and train your body as you have until now, until the very moment of attainment. Then, take a little rest and again work hard until your next goal, and then rest.... This kind of flexible approach, training then rest, then training... That, and making certain that you do take breaks, are the best way of going about it.
For the time being I foresee no problems for you with either work or your health. You simply must take care to rest, because you're in an environment in which you will inevitably tire easily, both due to your age and the physical demands of your work.
There will be moments when your personal thoughts will clash a little with those of your environment, and for the two to come together you will need physical strength and a flexible attitude.
Lastly, it may happen that in about 2 years' time you will experience a sudden drop in physical strength. Therefore you should take care to get a proper amount of rest.

Yagami: I'll let my manager know *laughs*.

After that, I see a convergence of moments that will demand of you great physical effort.
This year you will be alright, but for the next two years you will need to keep in mind that approaching loss of strength, and therefore be systematic in your activities. But for this year I am not seeing any problems, so you should be fine.

FT: What do you think after hearing the results?

Yagami: They're accurate *laughs*.

FT: Is there anything to watch out for?

This year you're entering a phase during which you could easily fall prey to psychological stress, and during which your surroundings will put various demands on you which you will need to live up to. Thus, you will be susceptible to conflict, between the need to live up to those demands and wanting to do as you wish. You should make time for relaxation. Though this is the time for you to succeed, your responsibility... Your stars are showing me that you have the character of an older brother. It looks like you're the big brother type. What I mean is that everyone seems to be drawn to that, and as a result it is something that you put excessive effort into.
I think you will find yourself drawn into an unexpected place but it will not be a bad thing; the results will be advantageous for your workplace and will be appreciated by everyone. Although it would be good if you made time for some relaxation this year.

Alright, next we will read Mister Imai's fortune!
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