December 15, 2013: Buck-Tick [The Day In Question] Broadcasts 2013-14

There will be two broadcasts of this year's DiQ shows.

Nippon Budoukan

The December 29, 2013 Nippon Budoukan show will be broadcast live on Yahoo!JAPAN. This broadcast will only be available to premium (paid) members.

According to what I've been told (courtesy of Ladyintomoe on tumblr), overseas residents can create a Yahoo!JAPAN account, but to pay for a premium membership you must own a Japanese credit card.

Date: Sunday December 29, 2013, 6pm Tokyo time
Broadcast link:

Kooriyama, Fukushima

The Kooriyama show from December 23, 2013 will be re-broadcast on Niconico, on Friday, January 24, 2014.

You need to be a premium member to watch the show in its entirety. Niconico accepts membership payments through Paypal and has easy navigation in English.

The provided link is not working yet but keep it bookmarked!

Date: Friday, January 24, 2014
Broadcast link: